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July 27, 2009

Danielle and Nathan :: Engagement :: The Highline

Danielle and Nathan are the most charming couple ever. They met while abroad in Japan, their love crossed oceans abound and they now reside in Brooklyn, NY. We met up at the brand new Highline park overlooking the west side of New York City, stretching from Gansevoort street, and extending up until 23rd street. Future extensions of the park are scheduled for the near future, and if it’s anything like it is now, New York City is going to have the premier oasis overlooking the west side highway!

My inspiration for this shoot was Old School Summer in New York

Don’t they just take your breath away?





As we were walking around shooting, a ton of people were stopping to stare. I felt like paparazzi!


I guess you can’t help but be stared at when you are both this good-looking.



Love this next one! So romantic!


There was a covered area which had some pretty purple stained glass backdrops. I wonder what this place was at one time.


I thought a bit of dancing was in order


I thought Danielle’s colorful dress contrasted nicely with the industrial gray walls



This was a funny shot. They both brought mirrored sunglasses, and you can see my reflection in this one. Danielle made him take them off. =)


We exited the highline at Gansevoort street, and we snapped a few pictures around the cool Meatpacking district






A quick outfit change! I admire Nathan’s ability to wear long sleeves and a hat when it was a sweltering 85 degrees out. But he looked cool.



Love cobblestone streets!



A pit stop at El Faro restaurant



I saw this yellow wall, and although the light was a little harsh, I really wanted to get a shot there.



Love the next series




We came across a wall plastered with hearts. It was a bit too sunny but it was the perfect time to break out the mirrored sunglasses!


Ready, set, JUMP!



We ended with one last shot but the colorful apple sculpture.


Danielle and Nathan, I hope you had as much fun on the shoot as I did. You guys were great, and I can’t wait for your wedding in September!

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