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July 23, 2009

Trouble is a friend…

I launced my new “kids” section on my website a few days ago, and it features a little girl named Sophie who is naughtiest girl I know. Sophie is my best friend, Kelly’s, daughter. At 19 months old, she’s quite small for her age but manages to pack a ton of energy into her tiny frame. For those of you who are my friend on Facebook, you’ll notice that I have tons of pictures of my little friend because I spend a LOT of time with her. Some of my relatives who recently joined Facebook even asked me if I had a daughter that I didn’t tell them about. Ha ha. Sophie and I are like BFFs. She knows I’ll rescue her from the confines of her stroller, chase her around shopping malls and stores to stop her from getting into trouble, which doesn’t always work. Regardless, she is still my favorite baby and I miss her when I am not with her!

Here are some pictures I took of Sophie last year when she was about 8 months old. She used to be so pudgy and cute, with rolls of fat everywhere, and check out those cheeks!!! Somehow within the last year she’s lost some of her fat, but is still just as cute. And she hasn’t lost those cheeks yet. They are just part of her now.



Here is one taken earlier this year in Central Park.


This past weekend I went to Hoboken, NJ to capture some images of Sophie and family. Kelly and I had thought about some cute ideas for Sophie, like tutus, lollipops, and having her run through some sprinklers in the park. We thought it would be so much fun and easy. We even purchased an elaborate tutu from the Disney store to complete our look. Needless to say, naughty Sophie had other ideas of what she wanted to do that day.

We started off at their apartment where I snapped a few pics of her while I chased her around the living room.



She has the cutest smile and laugh. She is actually laughing all the time. She especially likes to hit or pinch someone, and then she’ll laugh at it. She also likes to laugh if you trip or fall, or if you say “ouch!”  What a bully!


Check out the dimples!


I shot the above in black and white, well, because I thought it’ll be fun. But most of the rest are in color. I especially like the next one because she’s looking right at me. And to get toddlers to pause for a moment, while you try and focus to get the shot, is not an easy task, especially with Sophie who runs around a mile a minute.


So we went outside to take some pictures in the back yard



I got Sophie a colorful large lollipop to use during the shoot. She started to eat it like a sandwich and then decided she didn’t want it anymore, so she gave it to her mommy. Oh well, so much for the lollipop!


Her mommy had to end up holding it in the family picture.


I managed to maybe get 2 family pictures before Sophie decided she didn’t want to part of them and stormed off. We decided to change her into her tutu, but she threw a fit too.



Apparently she just wanted to be naked. No matter what cute outfit we dangled in front of her, she refused to wear it. We even tried to get her to wear her flower girl dress again, which she loved, but to no avail. Naked it is.



We went back up to the apartment. She still didn’t want to wear clothes. Not even a cute bikini. She pretty much only wore her crocs and a diaper.



We finally got her to wear underwear


In the end, we never got to take pictures in the park because Sophie fell asleep, but we did get to go eat some yummy German food. Sophie had a lot of fun climbing the tables in the restaurant, and eating nothing but rolls and chips, her favorite foods.

Here she is having fun with her daddy, Honyee


And Mommy



Doesn’t she have the cheekiest smile??

Guess we will have to try the tutu pictures some other day Sophie, but thanks for giving Auntie Su-Lynn a workout!

Note: You can view more pics of Sophie on my website under the kids section.

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