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July 13, 2009

Digitial Photo Academy Photowalk

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On Sunday, June 28, I joined a few dozen avid photographers on a Photowalk sponcer by Digital Photo Academy, Trek Tech, makers of sleek tripods for the active photographer, and Baked by Melissa, a small bakery that specializes in mini, pop-in-your-mouth cupcakes deliciously decorated with icing and other yummy things.

Photowalks are just gatherings of professional and non-professional photographers to come together, walk around parts of NYC, and photograph interesting subjects, while talking shop and sharing ideas. Part of this photowalk’s appeal was that it included a contest for the best general photograph, as well as the best photograph that includes at least one Baked by Melissa cupcake. The winner gets a couple hundred dollars, and 100 cupcakes!! Anyways here are my entries into both categories. You are allowed up to 10 total. I didn’t do too much post processing because I wasn’t sure how much we were allowed to alter them but I did do some work to spice up the pics. =)

The following were taken on our first leg of the walk, in Soho. We walked down there to pick up our 6 complimentary cupcakes and began photographing them all over the place. I was surprised how tiny the cupcakes were at first. I ate about 2 of them before I realized I was eating my subjects. Whoops. I was really tired that day! I had shot the Bridal Lounge on Friday, and Angela and Ed’s shoot on Saturday, so by Sunday, I was pretty zapped. Plus, the photowalk started at 9am, which is pretty early for me. *yawn*

Here’s the raunchiest photo I took with a red velvet cupcake (my favorite)


I saw this cool stoop in front of the building and the little circles were the same size as the cupcakes.


A pretty simple composition. I lost the brightly colored red velvet cupcake. It had an accident on the middle of the road. =(


The chocolate and vanilla ones were just as yummy I must say


Emergency center. Call police. Sit back and enjoy cupcake as you wait for response.


Breakfast of champions


We broke for lunch back at the Academy, where I managed to wrangle another red velvet cupcake for this shot


Our second leg of the walk took us to Washington Square Park and Union Square. I took all of these at Washington Square Park. I have an obsession with round things, so tried to find things that were, well, round, but photographed with interesting perspectives.


Tires on a John Deere


Park benches


And the last image was just a simple one of a flower. There were such pretty blooms in Washington Square Park!


Hopefully one of my pics will win me some cupcakes. The cash prize would be great too, heheh.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak at Laura and Jame’s engagement session in Central Park. Post coming soon.

July 5, 2009

Bridal Louge presented by By Your Side Events

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Last Friday, I was invited to photograph a chic bridal and make-up soiree presented by By Your Side Events, a team of event and wedding planning specialists based in NYC and Atlanta, GA. It was a great way for people to meet some great people in the wedding industry,  including makeup artists, photographers (me!), DJs, and specialty vendors. The event was held at Salon Fringe, a newly opened salon in Amityville, Long Island. I braved the looong Friday evening traffic out to Long Island, and luckily I made it in time, as it was a lot of fun! Now on to some pictures from the night:

This is the front of Salon Fringe, which was decorated with posh boudouir-esque furniture.


Here are some details from the night:








Some yummy florals always make events look goooooood:


Food and champagne doesn’t hurt either!



Guests arriving and signing in


A bride was getting her hair done at Salon Fringe, I think it was a hair trial. It looked great! Love the messy grecian look, I am inspired to do that for my hair if I am ever in a wedding party again.



The lovely Sharon Gray had some amazing pieces of jewelry for sale. She also does custom pieces for bridal parties and weddings, gifts, etc. and can work with any price points, which is great. I loved some of her big flower cocktail rings.





Some details from the makeup area:




Here’s Mia from Bridal Lounge at work. Mia specializes in making you look great on your big day. She gave mini makeovers to attendees all night, and they looked great. She really knows how to accent your best features with the best colors.  A lot of attendees were very happy with their looks!




The finished results: classic and polished yet sexy!!





Eating the food! Yummy. There was a great spread of crudite, fruits, cheeses, charcuterie, and candy!


Here’s the event as it was just getting started, you can see my little vendor display right in the middle of the room! I had a picture frame with some prints, my business cards from MOO, and an album of recent work.



I like how we used the seats with the hoods above them. It was so cute.



Having a drink and checking out the pretty jewelry


My Treasure, Your Pleasure, gave a rompy demonstration with some items I can’t mention on this G-rated blog. It was a big hit with the girls. They even have pole dancing classes you can take. They also do Bachelorette parties and showers.


There were games and prizes too during the presentation. Everyone had a good laugh at some of the games.


On a side note, this was the dramatic sky outside, right before it poured. Isn’t it nuts??


Thanks Rashida and Elizabeth of By Your Side Events for inviting me!

Here’s a list of vendors:

Organizers: Rashida & Elizabeth from By Your Side Events

DJ: High Voltage Sound

Makeup/Hair: Mia from Bridal Lounge

Jewelry: Sharon Gary

Presentation: Adrienne and Sharon from My Treasure Your Pleasure

Photographed by Moi

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

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This picture of Joanne and Terrence really evokes the spirit of the 4th of July. Wonder if the flags have anything to do with it LOL. Me and the hubs are gearing up to have a clambake of our own then watch the fireworks on top of our building’s rooftop. So glad the fireworks are on the Hudson this year! You can view more of their e-session on my website.


June 28, 2009

Sneak Peak :: Angela and Ed

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Here’s a sneak peek at a shoot I did this weekend!


20090627-IMG_3162                    20090627-IMG_1404



I have lots more posts to come, including the rest of Angela and Ed’s amazing shoot, a fabulous bridal event, and a photo walk tour of NYC. Stay tuned!

June 21, 2009

happy fathers day!!

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Happy Father’s Day to my dear daddy, and to all dads and dads-to-be out there!

Here’s a pic of me and my daddy on my wedding day last year. Isn’t he super cute?


June 18, 2009

small site changes

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Some of you may have noticed that the buttons on my site  has changed names. This is due to the fact the names I currently have were just too long, and it was getting harder to squish everything I want to display on my site onto one line! I will be adding some new sections in the next few months, so I wanted to make some room, therefore:

“boy marries girl” has been changed to “i do” – a bit cliched but it’s short and it works!

“about me” has been changed to just “me”

“facebook” has been changed to “fans”

None of the content has changed, just the buttom labels.

I’ve also added new section called “clients” and that is for client proofing – it’s basically a password-protected gallery that I upload photos to after your photoshoot. I will send you the password, and you can show it to any of your friends and family. Fun!

Thanks everyone for reading!! Looking forward to sharing more pictures!

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