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February 2, 2011


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New year and hopefully a new look! I am in the process of getting a new blog, so please bear with me until I do. I am sorry for the lack of updates but this blog takes too much time to edit. In the meantime, please feel free to visit my Facebook page for my most recent work, including an international destination wedding in Mexico! Hope to see you on Facebook!

Here is a sneak peak from that stunning wedding:

April 3, 2010

Some sneak peaks…

A few shots from a very busy spring season!!

A maternity shoot in Central Park:





And a lovely engagement shoot on the Upper West Side:








Am off to do more post-processing but couldn’t wait to post these images of my RADIANT clients! Am also slightly obsessed with my latest PS3 game…FF XIII! Love the characters, the gameplay, the story.  Hope everyone is enjoying the fabulous weather in NYC!

February 9, 2010

Ming and Marc – Engagement in NYC

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Sorry for the lack of posting but I had come home from 2 separate vacations to Hawaii (Maui and Kauai) and was packing (and unpacking) furiously. Here are a couple of pics of Ming and Marc, whom I shot around the Upper East and in Central Park. It was a fabulous fall day!! I had already edited the images earlier but recently purchased the new Totally Rad Presets and was just trying to experiment with them. They are great! I’ve still got to get used to learning each one, but I am emjoying myself playing around at the momemt, and learning new ways of post processing.

 We started of at a church on the Upper East Side, boasting a wonderful red door!






Ming and Marc love Magnolia cupcakes, so since I live dangerously near one, I brought some along for our shoot.



I think eating them was their favorite part of the shoot!


Gee, your cupcake looks better than mine!


Gotta love the fabulous orange Hermes billboards. Now if only someone will get me a Birkin…



We moved on to Central Park, where Marc had proposed to Ming. Here’s a silhouette of them in one of the many “tunnels”





Love the lighting here, so I didn’t have to do too much to the pic to keep it’s nice faded tone.


A black and white version


I *heart* the next pic! It got a bit warm so I asked them to hang their coats on the tree next to them.


Marc’s famous for his “kicking the heels” jumps





 Some cute portraits


I think this one’s a keeper!



Love the next two “street” scenes



This was a special shoot for me because as most of you know, Ming is my sister!!! Their wedding is in April of this year, and I can’t wait to be a bridesmaid again (although not looking forward to having to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress again. Bootcamp anyone?)

December 24, 2009

Simon and Judy….back when it was still warm. An engagement shoot at South Street Seaport

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I shot this with the lovely Cindy from Judy and Simon are from New York but currently live near Boston. They traveled to NYC to shoot at one of their favorite places, South Street Seaport!

We started off taking shots from the pier. It was raining really hard earlier that day and we were lucky the sun came out for the shoot.









A beautiful vintage-inspired favorite of the date


Mu all-time favorite team, the Yankees! Had to have a shot here


They were super fun and cute. Usually I have to get couples to loosen up a bit during a shoot, but they were quite natural in front of the camera!


And they are so gorgeous too, they made my job seem easy peasy!



Gotta have some sexy shots!






I loved the next colorful set. Brick walls make great backdrops!









Just look how stunning they look together!


Even when they were joking around, they still looked good!


A kiss


And some fancy footware


Makes one unforgettable experience!



Are you lookin’ at me?



Judy and Simon, thank you for letting myself and Cindy be part of your special shoot! It was a blast!


November 19, 2009

the paper crown…holiday cards and more!

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Just wanted to write a quick note to give props to my favorite handmade card store  The Paper Crown. These beautiful cards are original and whimsical! Place your order now to get them in time for the holidays!

October 27, 2009

Last Chance at Papyrus! Amy and Jim, and a Sneak Peak!

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Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been very busy with some exciting projects. Just as a reminder, Papyrus at 74th and 3rd Ave will be drawing the winner of the portrait session at the end of October, which leaves you 1 week to enter! Just go to the store, and the display is right as you walk in. Here’s a little pictoral of the display:

Also, here is a wonderful rustic wedding which I got to attend as a guest back in September. Of course I couldn’t leave the camera at home, so here’s my take on Amy and Jim’s lovely wedding held at the Rainbow Inn located in Idyllwild, CA. All images are shot on my favorite camera for traveling, the Rebel Xsi, with a 24-70mm 2.8 or a wide angle 10-22mm f4.

Tall woodsy trees and a quaint homey inn on a beautiful warm day!

The beautiful bride, Amy

Loved her short bridal dress and red accents!

The dapper groom, Jim

Getting Married!

Some georgeous yet simple details:

Cocktail on the porch of the Rainbow Inn. Loved the paper lanterns.

Cupcake cake = Awesome. You know me and my cupcakes…is it bad that I live a few blocks away from a Magnolia Bakery?

Cupcakes and Dancing!

Twas a great night!! Amy and Jim thank you so much for letting us be part of your special day. It was so much fun!

BTW, if you’ve never been to Idyllwild, they have a little ice cream/candy store with the best frozen bananas ever!! Freshly dipped  into chocolate and rolled in fresh peanuts. YUM. I always stop by for one whenever I am in the area. It’s the only little candy/chocolate store in town so you can’t miss it.

Tha’s me with a big banana. =)

That’s all for now, but here’s a very special sneak peak. I can’t reveal the pictures just yet…but can you guess who they are?

September 25, 2009

Will be out of office 09/25-09/28

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Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that I will be away this weekend, for another wedding out in California. This time though, we’ll be attending as guests but I don’t think that will keep me from walking around with my camera. It’s going to a wonderful rustic wedding in the mountains, can’t wait!

I should still be available via email or through the Contact section on my website.

Have a great weekend everyone!

September 20, 2009

Sneak Peek – Elizabeth and Dwayne – Central Park

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Just a sneak peek at a lovely day-after shoot I did just yesterday with the mighty gorgeous couple, Elizabeth and Dwayne. They were so wonderfully sweet together. The weather was also amazing in Central Park , and I was able to partake of the beautiful light. Love the backlight! Stay tuned for more to come!

September 9, 2009

Back and in full swing…

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Back from vacation and it was a blast. Vegas was amazing and so was LA. All we did was eat, eat and eat!!

Now it’s back to work, and I have some lovely photos to share:

Jessica and Brandon’s East Village Shoot:

We started off at the posh but extremely accessible Cooper Square Hotel


Jessica and Brandon make one heck of a good-looking couple – makes my job easy!




We moved on to the colorful East Village for some fun eclectic backdrops


Love the colorful yellow wall! I am sure I will be shooting again there soon.








These two are just so adorable!


And a personal fave:


Jessica and Brandon, thanks for the great time in the East Village. I hope you missed the torrential downpour after our shoot and got home safely!

Coming up, a kid shoot with Audrey and Vivienne, plus a fantastic wedding in downtown Manhatten. Can’t wait!

August 6, 2009

Sneak Peak :: Judy and Simon :: South Street Seaport

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Shot at South Street Seaport…aren’t they just too cute?? More to come soon…


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