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July 18, 2009

Sneak Peak :: Danielle and Nathan :: Engagement, NYC

I will post the rest of Laura and Jame’s engagement soon, but here’s a sneak peak at Danielle and Nathan’s engagement session today, which was shot on the Highline and Meatpacking District. They were so much fun to photograph because they had some wonderful yet playful expressions and we had a great time together.

July 15, 2009

Sneak Peak :: Laura and James – Engagement :: Central Park, NYC

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Myself and Cindy shot the lovely Laura and James in Central Park, New York. We walked all around the park, and shot in some beautiful light. I can’t wait to post the rest of the pics, but for now here’s a sneak peak.


Thanks to Cindy for second shooting with me! I am sure she will post some teasers as well.

July 6, 2009

Angela and Ed :: Engagement :: Tribeca, NYC

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Angela is the little sister of my “little sis” Cindy. That’s “little sis” of my sorority, Sigma Kappa! So I guess that means we’re all family! We decided on a fun urban shoot down in Tribeca, and finished off at the beautiful Hudson River Park. Angela and Ed were so cute together, you can totally see how much they are in love. Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot.

Aren’t they just so ridiculously good-looking?



I like how this looks like am photographing a quite moment between the two of them:


Tribeca has some beautiful cobblestone streets which added a vintage feel to the images below. The best part about shooting in this area on weekends is that it’s not as packed as Central Park, Time Square and other popular sites so we were often alone in most areas!




There were some wrought-iron cafe tables and chairs outside of Chanterelle, a landmark 5-star New York restaurant which serves delicious French cuisine. I love the romantic curtains in the window.



We headed over to Bubby’s, a popular dining spot serving great southern food and delicious pie. My favorite is the sour cherry pie! Bubby’s has some really cute pastel benches outside so I couldn’t resist a few shots here.



Love the next two because it shows how fun they are. They went from romantic and serious to playful and silly so quickly!



We stopped off at the Franklin street subway station for some quintissential NYC subway shots.




Some fun street scenes:





Loved to colorful flowers at the corner deli!


I really like shooting at fire stations. The bright red doors and walls are so much fun!



I found this quaint little spot right before you hit the west side highway. There are some beautiful brownstones and tree lined corners. It didn’t feel like we were in NYC, we felt like we were in some tiny seaside village.




We finished in Hudson River Park, which was renovated over the years, so it’s become a beautiful place to hang out and take pictures! As we were walking over, it started to rain! We weren’t sure whether to head for shelter or continue on. Luckily Cindy brought her umbrella so we asked to borrow it!



It stopped raining soon after so we were able to continue on. The weather in NYC for the past month has been dreadful: hot, sunny, then rain, wind, clouds and back to sun in a span of 15 minutes!


Love this next one! I was trying to acheive a very modern shot with the clouds in the background. Luckily the crazy weather provided me with some interesting overcast days.




Love the next two as well:


Angela and Ed, thank you for being such great models! Thanks again for the yummy dinner at Bubby’s. LOVED the pie. Congrats on your engagement!

You can view more pictures of Angela and Ed on my website under “featured” galleries!

July 5, 2009

Bridal Louge presented by By Your Side Events

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Last Friday, I was invited to photograph a chic bridal and make-up soiree presented by By Your Side Events, a team of event and wedding planning specialists based in NYC and Atlanta, GA. It was a great way for people to meet some great people in the wedding industry,  including makeup artists, photographers (me!), DJs, and specialty vendors. The event was held at Salon Fringe, a newly opened salon in Amityville, Long Island. I braved the looong Friday evening traffic out to Long Island, and luckily I made it in time, as it was a lot of fun! Now on to some pictures from the night:

This is the front of Salon Fringe, which was decorated with posh boudouir-esque furniture.


Here are some details from the night:








Some yummy florals always make events look goooooood:


Food and champagne doesn’t hurt either!



Guests arriving and signing in


A bride was getting her hair done at Salon Fringe, I think it was a hair trial. It looked great! Love the messy grecian look, I am inspired to do that for my hair if I am ever in a wedding party again.



The lovely Sharon Gray had some amazing pieces of jewelry for sale. She also does custom pieces for bridal parties and weddings, gifts, etc. and can work with any price points, which is great. I loved some of her big flower cocktail rings.





Some details from the makeup area:




Here’s Mia from Bridal Lounge at work. Mia specializes in making you look great on your big day. She gave mini makeovers to attendees all night, and they looked great. She really knows how to accent your best features with the best colors.  A lot of attendees were very happy with their looks!




The finished results: classic and polished yet sexy!!





Eating the food! Yummy. There was a great spread of crudite, fruits, cheeses, charcuterie, and candy!


Here’s the event as it was just getting started, you can see my little vendor display right in the middle of the room! I had a picture frame with some prints, my business cards from MOO, and an album of recent work.



I like how we used the seats with the hoods above them. It was so cute.



Having a drink and checking out the pretty jewelry


My Treasure, Your Pleasure, gave a rompy demonstration with some items I can’t mention on this G-rated blog. It was a big hit with the girls. They even have pole dancing classes you can take. They also do Bachelorette parties and showers.


There were games and prizes too during the presentation. Everyone had a good laugh at some of the games.


On a side note, this was the dramatic sky outside, right before it poured. Isn’t it nuts??


Thanks Rashida and Elizabeth of By Your Side Events for inviting me!

Here’s a list of vendors:

Organizers: Rashida & Elizabeth from By Your Side Events

DJ: High Voltage Sound

Makeup/Hair: Mia from Bridal Lounge

Jewelry: Sharon Gary

Presentation: Adrienne and Sharon from My Treasure Your Pleasure

Photographed by Moi

June 28, 2009

Sneak Peak :: Angela and Ed

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Here’s a sneak peek at a shoot I did this weekend!


20090627-IMG_3162                    20090627-IMG_1404



I have lots more posts to come, including the rest of Angela and Ed’s amazing shoot, a fabulous bridal event, and a photo walk tour of NYC. Stay tuned!

June 21, 2009

Anna and Bryan – Stage 6 at Steiner Studios

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This is a doozy of a post…lots of pictures!

Anna and Bryan were married last September at Stage 6 at Steiner Studios, located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Anna is one of my best friends from high school. We grew up in Manhattan and attended the United Nations International School together. It was a beautiful wedding on a lovely late summer/fall day. Anna and Bryan have graciously let me share some images I took from their big day.

I shot this wedding with pretty much 1 lens and only the on-camera flash, but it was a fantastic lesson to see what I was capable of doing in different lighting with a limited set of tools. During post-processing, I was inspired to create a feeling of 70’s vintage postcards so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Steiner Studios had a very modern, industrial feel to it, which I totally think represents Anna and Bryan’s New York style.


Here’s a shot I got of my husband, Steve, with the skyline of Manhattan in the background. You can see the Brooklyn Bridge too!


Anna’s sister was her maid of honor/bridesmaid. She had only one, so I guess she played both roles! I have known her since she was a baby (gosh I feel old) – and I coudln’t believe how amazingly sexy she has become. Love the low-cut back of the dress though!


Here’s the groom, Bryan, looking very dapper and handsome



This is Audrey, who is Ellen’s daughter. Ellen is another one of my best friend’s from high school. She is absolutely adorable in her puffy dress!


That’s her dad up front trying to entice her with candy. So cute!


Here’s the beautiful bride Anna, walking with her dad who flew in from Shanghai. Anna chose a simple a-line halter dress with really pretty ribbon detailing. I loved how flowy and airy the dress looked, while still being chic and modern. It’s very Anna!







The backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and surrounding industrial landscape really contrasted nicely with their flowy white Chuppah.










Here’s Ellen holding up flowergirl Audrey so she can see better


The kiss!!





Bryan is Jewish so of course they had to break the glass. And end with another kiss. Mazel Tov!!



Look how happy they are! I love this moment at weddings.





Some cocktail/reception decor. I like how simple and clean everything is, it really goes with the space!



Their favors/escort cards were cute little wax apples which are also candles. I love apples!


Audrey is super cute.


They had some amazing light during their portraits, couldn’t help but sneak a few shots of my own.





I think Audrey thought I was stalking her with my camera…but I just couldn’t resist those round cheeks!


Some motion blur shots – since back then, I had no external flash, I was forced to work with slower shutter speeds during the night, but I think it made for some cool effects.


Can you believe Anna’s mom made her 5-tier cake? She’s not even a professional baker. Amazing!



A + B. This is the logo that Bryan designed that was on all their stationary as well. Very creative!


Anna and Bryan entering the reception. See? Told you I had a lot of motion blur shots. I especially love this one.



They danced to Ben E. King’s classic, Stand by Me. It was sooo sweet.



And then it was party time! Starting with the horah, of course!


Oh and here’s a picture of ME at the wedding with the happy couple, taken by Steve, who also moonlights as my second shooter. I have very few pictures of myself at weddings because I am always behind the camera!


The centerpieces were so simple and elegant, I love the calla lillies.



Here’s Anna flirting with a little boy. I think he was smitten.


Cake cutting time!


It’s always the duty of the bride to get some cake on the groom’s face.


Anna dancing with her dad, and Bryan with his mom.



Anna and Bryan had a surprise for everyone, they had a choreographed tango! It was amazing! Anna sashayed out in a hot red number and gold shoes. They are such natural dancers. If me and Steve tried to do this on our wedding day, I dont’ know what disaster we’d end up causing. Anna and Bryan were awesome!



Gawd maybe they should try out for So You Think You Can Dance?


Anna and Bryan, thanks for letting me post pictures of your beautiful wedding! Let’s catch up soon!

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June 15, 2009

Street fair, NYC + Alicia PORTRAITS

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If there is one thing that I look forward to on weekends in NYC, it’s the delicous smell of grilled sausage, sweet corn, and lemonade. That can only mean one thing…STREET FAIR!!

I met my good friends, Nancy, Gordon, their little girl, Alicia, and their yorkie, Zorro, at the street fair that went from W74th street to W83rd street on Broadway. Since we both live only a few blocks from there, it was a short stroll to an afternoon of good times.


The grilled corn always looks so good, but since I had my camera in hand, I couldn’t really eat one that easily so I didn’t get one…next time!

Some colorful scarves on display:



I couldn’t resist doing a few portraits of Alicia. She’s about a year and a half, and super cute!

I really like this one, she looks like she’s thinking about something very hard!

Alicia’s mommy, Nancy was looking at the selection of wallets

I think she found something she liked!

This is Gordon and Zorro, their yorkie. He got as much attention as Alicia!

Alicia and daddy

A few more of Alicia


You can tell she’s definitely daddy’s little girl

And mommy’s too!


I really love the following 2, it kinda reminds me of being a kid growing up in NYC too


Her mini-crocs are so cute!

Her dress was very fun and colorful, perfect for a warm summer afternoon

Some cup action


Thanks Alicia for being such a good model!! I’m sure I’ll be taking lots of pictures of you as you get older…

June 8, 2009

Joann and Terrance in Woodbury Common, NY

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Joann is engaged to Terrence. Joann is a friend of my sister, Su-Queen. They were coming to NY for a visit, and upon hearing my request to let me take their engagement pictures, they took me up immediately on the offer, however since their stay in NY was so short, we had to design it around a day where we knew our schedules would work out.

Since they love to shop. A trip to woodbury commons outlets was planned for a Monday, which was the only day I was able to make it. Despite the blah surroundings of grey stores and boutiques, we did manage to find some cute ourdoor spots. Joann and Terrence were real troupers, first shopping for 3 hours before going on a 2 hour-long photoshoot, and an additioal few minutes of shopping after the shoot. Bravo!

Lovely shot leaning against a tree

Lovely shot leaning against a tree

 With the picnic tables

With the picnic tables

 i really love this wide able shot of the trees in he blackground

i really love this wide angle shot of the trees in the blackground

As you can see, we really were at Woodbury Commons

As you can see, we really were at Woodbury Commons

I think some kung-fu fighting is in order

I think some kung-fu fighting is in orderI spent a while looking for nice brick walls to shoot at

Joann is a really good jumper!

Joann is a really good jumper!

Shopping is fun!

Shopping is fun!

Joann is giving Coach the thumbs-up while Terrance gives it the thumbs down. Bah, men.

Joann is giving Coach the thumbs-up while Terrance gives it the thumbs down. Bah, men.

I found this cute little nook right outside the Cole Haan store.

I found this cute little nook right outside the Cole Haan store.

Leaning in for a kiss

Leaning in for a kiss




They were really cute

They were really cute

Piggyback time

Piggyback time

 Joann and Terrance both have nice big smiles

Joann and Terrance both have nice big smiles

My phone is better than yours!

My phone is better than yours!

We could a nice bench for some poses

We could a nice bench for some poses

They will forever remember this day of shopping

They will forever remember this day of shopping

I guess it was a good day of shopping?!

I guess it was a good day of shopping?!

We took this at the information center

We took this at the information center

Husband = ATM

Husband = ATM

Shopping is tiring!

Shopping is tiring!

Lets see if we can fit into these kiddie cars and drive home

Let's see if we can fit into these kiddie cars and drive home

After a great photo shoot, and lots of shopping bags later, we went back into the city. The bus drops us off right in Time Square so I couldn’t’ resist a few shots, shopping bags and all.
The Sanrio Store

42nd street

Sanrio store!

Sanrio store!

It was a great day!

It was a great day!

Thanks Joann and Terrance for letting me photograph your day of fun and shopping. Congratulations on your engagement and have  a fabulous wedding in Singapore in December!

April 17, 2009

Hanging with mini Sophie

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Mini sophie is my little pal I picked up at Comic-Con 2009 back in Feb. I have no idea what it is, but the vendor who sold it to me, told me it was a water spirit. Whatever that means! It’s cute, round, and smiles. Kinda like someone I know! That’s why I named it Sophie, but it’s a much smaller version of Sophie, although Sophie is pretty small to begin with.

Here’s Mini Sophie:

Mini Sophie

Mini Sophie

The real Sophie

The real Sophie

Do they look alike?? They are both round, pale and chubby….
Here are more pics around Central Park. The park was alive with blossoming white blooms. I dunno what they are called…dogwood? Anyways, they are pretty…
Can you find Sophie? It's like a Where's Waldo? game!

Can you find Sophie? It's like a Where's Waldo? game!

April 14, 2009

A random post about a random day…

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Today I started to set up my external hard drive, 320GB of space…yummy. Little did I know it would take up half a day to format the darned thing!! I got this little fella:

iomega 320GB rugged Hard Drive

iomega 320GB rugged Hard Drive

So it’s 71% formatted now, but I started a few hours ago!!! I can’t wait to back up all my photos on it. I plan to upgrade to a new computer once I can afford it so hopefully transferring everything will be a b-r-e-e-z-e!!

In the meantime I decided to do something productive, like go out and take pictures with the new lens:

70-200mm f4 L (my first L lens!!!@@!!) non-IS

70-200mm f4 L (my first L lens!!!@@!!) non-IS

But it started to rain, so to not get my precious photo equipment wet, I put the camera away, and went to Fairway supermarket. Decided to make a penne puttanesca because I saw someone making it on tv last night and it seemed pretty easy to make, plus I made a mental note of the ingredients so I didn’t have to peruse a recipe and jot down a lengthy list of stuff. I honestly will make anything with anchovies in it. I am a big anchovy fan, just not really on pizza, but on everything else, I am game. Which reminds me that my favorite show is on tonight….

Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel!!

Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel!!

It’s a new season! How exciting! I don’t like cooking shows, but I LOOOVE food travel shows, like No Reservations. I think I can give Bourdain and Zimmern a run for their money, I mean I would eat (or at least try) almost anything that have eaten on their shows…with the exception of bugs and balut.

Anyways here’s a pic of the puttanesca sauce I ended up making in my FAB leafy green Le Creuset pot that my friends Nina and Anne got me for my bridal shower last year. I added fresh penne pasta from Fairway and some of the pasta water to thicken the sauce. I paired it with a leafy green romaine and radicchio salad with a homemade lemon vinaigrette It got the thumbs up from Steve!

Penne Puttanesca - the final result

Penne Puttanesca - the final result

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