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September 6, 2013

a splash of aloha…

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I am no longer a full-time photographer, or part-time for that matter, but hopefully you’ll come on over to share my new journeys in life…

a splash of aloha!! 

come visit my new travel blog!

Hope to see you there….mahalo!

February 9, 2010

Ming and Marc – Engagement in NYC

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Sorry for the lack of posting but I had come home from 2 separate vacations to Hawaii (Maui and Kauai) and was packing (and unpacking) furiously. Here are a couple of pics of Ming and Marc, whom I shot around the Upper East and in Central Park. It was a fabulous fall day!! I had already edited the images earlier but recently purchased the new Totally Rad Presets and was just trying to experiment with them. They are great! I’ve still got to get used to learning each one, but I am emjoying myself playing around at the momemt, and learning new ways of post processing.

 We started of at a church on the Upper East Side, boasting a wonderful red door!






Ming and Marc love Magnolia cupcakes, so since I live dangerously near one, I brought some along for our shoot.



I think eating them was their favorite part of the shoot!


Gee, your cupcake looks better than mine!


Gotta love the fabulous orange Hermes billboards. Now if only someone will get me a Birkin…



We moved on to Central Park, where Marc had proposed to Ming. Here’s a silhouette of them in one of the many “tunnels”





Love the lighting here, so I didn’t have to do too much to the pic to keep it’s nice faded tone.


A black and white version


I *heart* the next pic! It got a bit warm so I asked them to hang their coats on the tree next to them.


Marc’s famous for his “kicking the heels” jumps





 Some cute portraits


I think this one’s a keeper!



Love the next two “street” scenes



This was a special shoot for me because as most of you know, Ming is my sister!!! Their wedding is in April of this year, and I can’t wait to be a bridesmaid again (although not looking forward to having to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress again. Bootcamp anyone?)

October 12, 2009

su-lynn chen PHOTOGRAPHY is a featured photographer at Papyrus!! Enter now to win!

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Hi all, some exciting news! I was approached by Papyrus Inc to be part of their featured photographer event promotion they are having in their NYC stores. Each store features a local photographer and they are sponsering a raffle to win a portrait session with me. It’s a 300 dollar value! The particular store featuring my work is at 74th Street and 3rd Ave on the upper east side. I stopped by today to check out the displays, and I was uber excited to see the entry box super full with raffle tickets!! The drawing takes place at the end of the month so you still have some time to enter!

BTW, here is one of the pictures I have for display at the store, from Liz an Dwayne’s engagement session. I was so enamored with their session even though it was taken only days before I had to submit my pictures that I had this one rush printed because I loved it that much!


August 14, 2009

Out of office

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the hubs and I will be on a much-needed vacation starting today until the 25th of August. I will be able to respond to emails and new inquiries though.

Vegas and LA here I come!

Just want to give a huge congrats to my friend, Ellen, who just had her second baby today, a baby girl named Vivian. Congrats!

And also…my little sister, Ming is engaged!!! Woohoo! She and her fiance, Marc will be with us in Vegas and LA and we are super duper excited to be celebrating with them.

 Here’s a few pics I snapped of them in Central Park, the day after their engagement.






July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

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This picture of Joanne and Terrence really evokes the spirit of the 4th of July. Wonder if the flags have anything to do with it LOL. Me and the hubs are gearing up to have a clambake of our own then watch the fireworks on top of our building’s rooftop. So glad the fireworks are on the Hudson this year! You can view more of their e-session on my website.


June 15, 2009

Street fair, NYC + Alicia PORTRAITS

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If there is one thing that I look forward to on weekends in NYC, it’s the delicous smell of grilled sausage, sweet corn, and lemonade. That can only mean one thing…STREET FAIR!!

I met my good friends, Nancy, Gordon, their little girl, Alicia, and their yorkie, Zorro, at the street fair that went from W74th street to W83rd street on Broadway. Since we both live only a few blocks from there, it was a short stroll to an afternoon of good times.


The grilled corn always looks so good, but since I had my camera in hand, I couldn’t really eat one that easily so I didn’t get one…next time!

Some colorful scarves on display:



I couldn’t resist doing a few portraits of Alicia. She’s about a year and a half, and super cute!

I really like this one, she looks like she’s thinking about something very hard!

Alicia’s mommy, Nancy was looking at the selection of wallets

I think she found something she liked!

This is Gordon and Zorro, their yorkie. He got as much attention as Alicia!

Alicia and daddy

A few more of Alicia


You can tell she’s definitely daddy’s little girl

And mommy’s too!


I really love the following 2, it kinda reminds me of being a kid growing up in NYC too


Her mini-crocs are so cute!

Her dress was very fun and colorful, perfect for a warm summer afternoon

Some cup action


Thanks Alicia for being such a good model!! I’m sure I’ll be taking lots of pictures of you as you get older…

April 14, 2009

A random post about a random day…

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Today I started to set up my external hard drive, 320GB of space…yummy. Little did I know it would take up half a day to format the darned thing!! I got this little fella:

iomega 320GB rugged Hard Drive

iomega 320GB rugged Hard Drive

So it’s 71% formatted now, but I started a few hours ago!!! I can’t wait to back up all my photos on it. I plan to upgrade to a new computer once I can afford it so hopefully transferring everything will be a b-r-e-e-z-e!!

In the meantime I decided to do something productive, like go out and take pictures with the new lens:

70-200mm f4 L (my first L lens!!!@@!!) non-IS

70-200mm f4 L (my first L lens!!!@@!!) non-IS

But it started to rain, so to not get my precious photo equipment wet, I put the camera away, and went to Fairway supermarket. Decided to make a penne puttanesca because I saw someone making it on tv last night and it seemed pretty easy to make, plus I made a mental note of the ingredients so I didn’t have to peruse a recipe and jot down a lengthy list of stuff. I honestly will make anything with anchovies in it. I am a big anchovy fan, just not really on pizza, but on everything else, I am game. Which reminds me that my favorite show is on tonight….

Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel!!

Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel!!

It’s a new season! How exciting! I don’t like cooking shows, but I LOOOVE food travel shows, like No Reservations. I think I can give Bourdain and Zimmern a run for their money, I mean I would eat (or at least try) almost anything that have eaten on their shows…with the exception of bugs and balut.

Anyways here’s a pic of the puttanesca sauce I ended up making in my FAB leafy green Le Creuset pot that my friends Nina and Anne got me for my bridal shower last year. I added fresh penne pasta from Fairway and some of the pasta water to thicken the sauce. I paired it with a leafy green romaine and radicchio salad with a homemade lemon vinaigrette It got the thumbs up from Steve!

Penne Puttanesca - the final result

Penne Puttanesca - the final result

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