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September 6, 2013

a splash of aloha…

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I am no longer a full-time photographer, or part-time for that matter, but hopefully you’ll come on over to share my new journeys in life…

a splash of aloha!! 

come visit my new travel blog!

Hope to see you there….mahalo!

April 3, 2010

Some sneak peaks…

A few shots from a very busy spring season!!

A maternity shoot in Central Park:





And a lovely engagement shoot on the Upper West Side:








Am off to do more post-processing but couldn’t wait to post these images of my RADIANT clients! Am also slightly obsessed with my latest PS3 game…FF XIII! Love the characters, the gameplay, the story.  Hope everyone is enjoying the fabulous weather in NYC!

February 9, 2010

Ming and Marc – Engagement in NYC

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Sorry for the lack of posting but I had come home from 2 separate vacations to Hawaii (Maui and Kauai) and was packing (and unpacking) furiously. Here are a couple of pics of Ming and Marc, whom I shot around the Upper East and in Central Park. It was a fabulous fall day!! I had already edited the images earlier but recently purchased the new Totally Rad Presets and was just trying to experiment with them. They are great! I’ve still got to get used to learning each one, but I am emjoying myself playing around at the momemt, and learning new ways of post processing.

 We started of at a church on the Upper East Side, boasting a wonderful red door!






Ming and Marc love Magnolia cupcakes, so since I live dangerously near one, I brought some along for our shoot.



I think eating them was their favorite part of the shoot!


Gee, your cupcake looks better than mine!


Gotta love the fabulous orange Hermes billboards. Now if only someone will get me a Birkin…



We moved on to Central Park, where Marc had proposed to Ming. Here’s a silhouette of them in one of the many “tunnels”





Love the lighting here, so I didn’t have to do too much to the pic to keep it’s nice faded tone.


A black and white version


I *heart* the next pic! It got a bit warm so I asked them to hang their coats on the tree next to them.


Marc’s famous for his “kicking the heels” jumps





 Some cute portraits


I think this one’s a keeper!



Love the next two “street” scenes



This was a special shoot for me because as most of you know, Ming is my sister!!! Their wedding is in April of this year, and I can’t wait to be a bridesmaid again (although not looking forward to having to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress again. Bootcamp anyone?)

November 5, 2009

Eva and John :: a sneak peek

Here is a sneak peak at a wonderful session I did earlier this week in Hoboken NJ. There is a park a few blockes from the PATH station, and the beautiful yellow trees were just bursting with color and screaming for a photoshoot!

Eva and John were a very special couple for me because Eva is my good friend from my previous job. We used to sit next to each other and giggle and joke about various people in the office and constantly took “water breaks” with our other colleague, Fatou.

Eva moved to London last year to be with her fiance, John, and also to attend graduate school, so I hadn’t seen her for over a year! When she told me she was visiting NYC and wanted to do a photoshoot, I happily obliged.

Eva told me John was very stiff in front of the camera. I found him to be the exact opposite! We had a blast! I honestly could have shot for hours, but they needed to catch a flight back to London, boo hoo.

I will post more in the next few weeks but here is a sneak peak for now.

Will post more when I get back. Me and the hubs are off to Maui next week for our 1st anniversary! I can’t wait!

On a side note, am SUPER HAPPY that the Yankees have won the World Series! We are huge Yankees fans and have had season tickets for 2 years. Go Yankees! Also glad that Matsui won WS MVP! Totally deserved and I hope they bring him back next year, although, this would be a totally cool way to kinda retire as a Yankee don’t you think?

October 12, 2009

su-lynn chen PHOTOGRAPHY is a featured photographer at Papyrus!! Enter now to win!

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Hi all, some exciting news! I was approached by Papyrus Inc to be part of their featured photographer event promotion they are having in their NYC stores. Each store features a local photographer and they are sponsering a raffle to win a portrait session with me. It’s a 300 dollar value! The particular store featuring my work is at 74th Street and 3rd Ave on the upper east side. I stopped by today to check out the displays, and I was uber excited to see the entry box super full with raffle tickets!! The drawing takes place at the end of the month so you still have some time to enter!

BTW, here is one of the pictures I have for display at the store, from Liz an Dwayne’s engagement session. I was so enamored with their session even though it was taken only days before I had to submit my pictures that I had this one rush printed because I loved it that much!


September 18, 2009

Danielle and Nathan – Bayards, NYC Part 1

Sorry for the lack of posts but have been extremely busy – shoots almost every weekend since I have gotten back from vacation, and more shoots to come! Hopefully this post will be filled with lovely eyecandy to tide you over.

2 weekends ago, I photographed Danielle and Nathan’s beautiful wedding at Bayard’s in downtown NYC. We were supposed to have the wedding outside at the Elevated Garden, but unfortunately the soggy weather didn’t allow for that. Nonetheless, the beautiful ceremony room at Bayard’s was a great back up location, if only a tad small. Running up and down a single tiny aisle was hard! Especially since I had to duck down most of the time to not block the guests’ view. The ceremony was short but so heartfelt and emotional. Both the bride and groom got teary-eyed and it was just so sweet! Bayard’s has an old world New York feel to it, very charming and vintage-y. Sort of made you feel like you stepped back in time to a much grander period in history.

Aside from the weather, everything ran rather behind schedule so instead of doing portraits and bridal party pics before the ceremony, we had to squeeze it in after the ceremony. Luckily we had a very photogenic group of guys and gals so it wasn’t very hard!

Here are some pics from the big day:



The beautiful dress. This one was for the ceremony.


And another stunner with gorgeous embroidery for the reception.



And the shoes!!! LOVED the purple color. Now I feel like I should have worn some colorful shoes for my wedding. I guess it didn’t matter since I wore flip flops most of the time, but gosh I just love it when brides have pretty shoes!!





The lovely girl below is the groom’s adorable daughter, Orianna (I hope I spelled that right!!) She was sooo cute!


The exquisite bridal party



The beautiful bride getting ready. On a side note, I did the bride’s makeup too! Everyone was scrambling around, and I have experience with makeup so I offered to do it for the bride. Honestly, Danielle was just so gorgeous to begin with, I didn’t have to do much at all. So, I don’t have many pictures of her getting made up, since I was doing it!



Stunning isn’t she? I must admit, I really like the makeup job I did!  I dont’ usually offer makeup services but I am happy to lend a hand if needed =)


The beautiful and lush bouquet was created by Mary Poston from Simply Unique Weddings and Events. She said this was the first bouquet she’s ever created herself (she usually directs them as they are made!) but I would never had known! It was simply divine, and I love how Danielle added the sparkly turtle brooch.


Hmm, how does this veil go on?


Dress? check. Veil? check. Flowergirl? check.


A teary Danielle walking down with her brother. Love how emotional this shot is.





I love the next two shots. Since there was no meeting before the ceremony, this was their time to really snuggle right after the ceremony



Some group shots:



Will be back to add a few more pics later on! In the meantime, Enjoy the weekend!!

August 14, 2009

Out of office

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the hubs and I will be on a much-needed vacation starting today until the 25th of August. I will be able to respond to emails and new inquiries though.

Vegas and LA here I come!

Just want to give a huge congrats to my friend, Ellen, who just had her second baby today, a baby girl named Vivian. Congrats!

And also…my little sister, Ming is engaged!!! Woohoo! She and her fiance, Marc will be with us in Vegas and LA and we are super duper excited to be celebrating with them.

 Here’s a few pics I snapped of them in Central Park, the day after their engagement.






July 31, 2009

Sneak Peak :: Jessica and Brandon :: East Village

A quick sneak peak at the gorgeous Jessica and Brandon – shot in the eclectic and colorful East Village. LOVED IT!!

I have 2 shoots coming up this weekend, so lots more posts to come!


July 27, 2009

Danielle and Nathan :: Engagement :: The Highline

Danielle and Nathan are the most charming couple ever. They met while abroad in Japan, their love crossed oceans abound and they now reside in Brooklyn, NY. We met up at the brand new Highline park overlooking the west side of New York City, stretching from Gansevoort street, and extending up until 23rd street. Future extensions of the park are scheduled for the near future, and if it’s anything like it is now, New York City is going to have the premier oasis overlooking the west side highway!

My inspiration for this shoot was Old School Summer in New York

Don’t they just take your breath away?





As we were walking around shooting, a ton of people were stopping to stare. I felt like paparazzi!


I guess you can’t help but be stared at when you are both this good-looking.



Love this next one! So romantic!


There was a covered area which had some pretty purple stained glass backdrops. I wonder what this place was at one time.


I thought a bit of dancing was in order


I thought Danielle’s colorful dress contrasted nicely with the industrial gray walls



This was a funny shot. They both brought mirrored sunglasses, and you can see my reflection in this one. Danielle made him take them off. =)


We exited the highline at Gansevoort street, and we snapped a few pictures around the cool Meatpacking district






A quick outfit change! I admire Nathan’s ability to wear long sleeves and a hat when it was a sweltering 85 degrees out. But he looked cool.



Love cobblestone streets!



A pit stop at El Faro restaurant



I saw this yellow wall, and although the light was a little harsh, I really wanted to get a shot there.



Love the next series




We came across a wall plastered with hearts. It was a bit too sunny but it was the perfect time to break out the mirrored sunglasses!


Ready, set, JUMP!



We ended with one last shot but the colorful apple sculpture.


Danielle and Nathan, I hope you had as much fun on the shoot as I did. You guys were great, and I can’t wait for your wedding in September!

July 23, 2009

Trouble is a friend…

I launced my new “kids” section on my website a few days ago, and it features a little girl named Sophie who is naughtiest girl I know. Sophie is my best friend, Kelly’s, daughter. At 19 months old, she’s quite small for her age but manages to pack a ton of energy into her tiny frame. For those of you who are my friend on Facebook, you’ll notice that I have tons of pictures of my little friend because I spend a LOT of time with her. Some of my relatives who recently joined Facebook even asked me if I had a daughter that I didn’t tell them about. Ha ha. Sophie and I are like BFFs. She knows I’ll rescue her from the confines of her stroller, chase her around shopping malls and stores to stop her from getting into trouble, which doesn’t always work. Regardless, she is still my favorite baby and I miss her when I am not with her!

Here are some pictures I took of Sophie last year when she was about 8 months old. She used to be so pudgy and cute, with rolls of fat everywhere, and check out those cheeks!!! Somehow within the last year she’s lost some of her fat, but is still just as cute. And she hasn’t lost those cheeks yet. They are just part of her now.



Here is one taken earlier this year in Central Park.


This past weekend I went to Hoboken, NJ to capture some images of Sophie and family. Kelly and I had thought about some cute ideas for Sophie, like tutus, lollipops, and having her run through some sprinklers in the park. We thought it would be so much fun and easy. We even purchased an elaborate tutu from the Disney store to complete our look. Needless to say, naughty Sophie had other ideas of what she wanted to do that day.

We started off at their apartment where I snapped a few pics of her while I chased her around the living room.



She has the cutest smile and laugh. She is actually laughing all the time. She especially likes to hit or pinch someone, and then she’ll laugh at it. She also likes to laugh if you trip or fall, or if you say “ouch!”  What a bully!


Check out the dimples!


I shot the above in black and white, well, because I thought it’ll be fun. But most of the rest are in color. I especially like the next one because she’s looking right at me. And to get toddlers to pause for a moment, while you try and focus to get the shot, is not an easy task, especially with Sophie who runs around a mile a minute.


So we went outside to take some pictures in the back yard



I got Sophie a colorful large lollipop to use during the shoot. She started to eat it like a sandwich and then decided she didn’t want it anymore, so she gave it to her mommy. Oh well, so much for the lollipop!


Her mommy had to end up holding it in the family picture.


I managed to maybe get 2 family pictures before Sophie decided she didn’t want to part of them and stormed off. We decided to change her into her tutu, but she threw a fit too.



Apparently she just wanted to be naked. No matter what cute outfit we dangled in front of her, she refused to wear it. We even tried to get her to wear her flower girl dress again, which she loved, but to no avail. Naked it is.



We went back up to the apartment. She still didn’t want to wear clothes. Not even a cute bikini. She pretty much only wore her crocs and a diaper.



We finally got her to wear underwear


In the end, we never got to take pictures in the park because Sophie fell asleep, but we did get to go eat some yummy German food. Sophie had a lot of fun climbing the tables in the restaurant, and eating nothing but rolls and chips, her favorite foods.

Here she is having fun with her daddy, Honyee


And Mommy



Doesn’t she have the cheekiest smile??

Guess we will have to try the tutu pictures some other day Sophie, but thanks for giving Auntie Su-Lynn a workout!

Note: You can view more pics of Sophie on my website under the kids section.

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