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July 6, 2009

Angela and Ed :: Engagement :: Tribeca, NYC

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Angela is the little sister of my “little sis” Cindy. That’s “little sis” of my sorority, Sigma Kappa! So I guess that means we’re all family! We decided on a fun urban shoot down in Tribeca, and finished off at the beautiful Hudson River Park. Angela and Ed were so cute together, you can totally see how much they are in love. Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot.

Aren’t they just so ridiculously good-looking?



I like how this looks like am photographing a quite moment between the two of them:


Tribeca has some beautiful cobblestone streets which added a vintage feel to the images below. The best part about shooting in this area on weekends is that it’s not as packed as Central Park, Time Square and other popular sites so we were often alone in most areas!




There were some wrought-iron cafe tables and chairs outside of Chanterelle, a landmark 5-star New York restaurant which serves delicious French cuisine. I love the romantic curtains in the window.



We headed over to Bubby’s, a popular dining spot serving great southern food and delicious pie. My favorite is the sour cherry pie! Bubby’s has some really cute pastel benches outside so I couldn’t resist a few shots here.



Love the next two because it shows how fun they are. They went from romantic and serious to playful and silly so quickly!



We stopped off at the Franklin street subway station for some quintissential NYC subway shots.




Some fun street scenes:





Loved to colorful flowers at the corner deli!


I really like shooting at fire stations. The bright red doors and walls are so much fun!



I found this quaint little spot right before you hit the west side highway. There are some beautiful brownstones and tree lined corners. It didn’t feel like we were in NYC, we felt like we were in some tiny seaside village.




We finished in Hudson River Park, which was renovated over the years, so it’s become a beautiful place to hang out and take pictures! As we were walking over, it started to rain! We weren’t sure whether to head for shelter or continue on. Luckily Cindy brought her umbrella so we asked to borrow it!



It stopped raining soon after so we were able to continue on. The weather in NYC for the past month has been dreadful: hot, sunny, then rain, wind, clouds and back to sun in a span of 15 minutes!


Love this next one! I was trying to acheive a very modern shot with the clouds in the background. Luckily the crazy weather provided me with some interesting overcast days.




Love the next two as well:


Angela and Ed, thank you for being such great models! Thanks again for the yummy dinner at Bubby’s. LOVED the pie. Congrats on your engagement!

You can view more pictures of Angela and Ed on my website under “featured” galleries!

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